Description and characteristics of water spray fire extinguisher with block

The Haiante water mist fire extinguisher can be divided into two types: portable backpack type & trolley type, which can be carried backpack, hand carry or wheeled. It can spray water jet or water mist in constantly firefighting work in both short and long distance.
Water mist fire extinguisher is able to put out fire of class A, B, E(electrical fire). Suitable to be used in professional fire brigades, military, railway station, warehouse, manufacturing shop,  petroleum & petrochemical key sites, supermarket and star-rated hotels for firefighting safeguard.
The water mist fire extinguisher uses water as the fire extinguishing agent and may also add fire extinguishing additives if necessary.
1) Environmental ---- use the most natural materials,water and air
2) Two kinds of fire extinguishing modes ---- Long-distance & close range DC injection
3) Minimum collateral damage---- just use a particularly small amount of water
4) Smoke removal---- good atomization effect absorbs smoke,purifies air and increases visibility
5) Durable---- anti-corrosion materials, low maintenance,high service life
6) Thermal radiation isolation---- ultra-fine water mist particles,isolation from hear radiation,making firemen more accessible to fire sources
7) Good Insulation ---- the water droplets are discontinuous,the electrical insulation performance is good,
   And the electrical fire