Hat-rhzkf series backrest point


Hat-rhzkf series backrest point

◆ Flexible and light back board, and equipped with comfortable waist pad, make the waist and shoulders no pressure, so that the wearer feels more comfortable.

◆ KEVLAR shoulder belt and belt are made of dupont, anti-tear, flame retardant, and evenly distribute the weight of respirator.

◆ The waist pad can be removed and used in combination with the working environment at any time.

◆ The back plate combines with the gas cylinder, including medium pressure and high pressure gas channel distribution, effectively prevent the collision or scratch in the narrow space, high pressure catheter connected with night vision pressure gauge and high pressure alarm whistle.The medium pressure conduit connects the air supply valve through a quick interface.

The pressure-relief device can be matched with carbon fiber cylinders of different volumes to meet various environments.